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 000-202-the Exam To your Storage Technical Specialist!

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PostSubject: 000-202-the Exam To your Storage Technical Specialist!   Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:49 pm

The certification 000-202 relates to storage technical specialists in which are employed in an business enterprise customer engagement. This would replace the older certification programs and therefore the other product specific exam might be withdrawn July 2010. The withdrawal information might possibly be updated in the ?nternet site when applied. The count of questions asked with the exam is around 59 plus the time duration is 92 minutes. The minimum passing score is 65% and also test language of the particular 000-202 is English. The character of the certification programs usually tend to change from product precise to role specific one particular. This is a highly valued certification and yes it tends to replace the previous certification programs. The previous sales exams are reckoned to be outdated! IBM prescribes candidates to safely move towards certification programs who are role based rather as compared to moving towards product certain exams.

The various 000-202 test objectives would include evaluation of document in our customer environment. This would include is crucial equipment, operating system, software programs, staff usage etc. There is also an established need for change and growth this means that a lot of effort needs to go in areas like efficiency, regulation etc. It is recommened to differentiate and compare different storage technologies and also identify an appropriate method that is applicable each customer environment. Some belonging to the common feature of a storage technology includes backup portfolio, pricing option, direction of system etc. One desires to have good knowledge of migration requirement, BCDR and likewise be proficient enough throughout key concepts. He desires to be proficient enough through identifying opportunities in statistics warehousing, SOA, virtualization or anything else. There are training services prescribed by IBM and this would allow you to prepare understand the concepts connected with storage technology in a great way. You could either love to attend the training for the nearest training center or find the online training option.
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000-202-the Exam To your Storage Technical Specialist!
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