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 Acer Iconia, a combined screen laptop.

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Acer Iconia, a combined screen laptop. Empty
PostSubject: Acer Iconia, a combined screen laptop.   Acer Iconia, a combined screen laptop. EmptySun Oct 16, 2011 3:33 pm

Acer announced a dual-screen multi-touch laptop that appears to be a hybrid tablet. It's always Acer Iconia. Acer Iconia is mostly a 14-inch laptop with an additional 14-inch screen where some sort of keyboard would normally be, making the device essentially a large-scale version with Toshiba Libretto. There is no traditional mouse or pc style keyboard, because the second screen can function as a virtual keyboard. The plan enables users to pass on their content across two displays and retrieve a virtual keyboard if needed, in theory providing a substantial screen for enjoying pics, video, and other marketing. Acer Iconia has a couple screen displays with each one 1, 366 x 768 pixels image resolution. Displays are protected by means of ultra-durable Gorilla Glass梐nd each of those screens are 揳ll-point? multitouch court surfaces, enabling ten points connected with contact per display. Users can split computer help display on both screens together with use both screens running different applications. For example, while watching video within the screen above and look at your e-mail, browsing, or edit photos relating to the screen below. Acer Iconia has Windows 7 Home Premium Computer system with Intel Core i5-480 processor, up to 4GB connected with DDR3 RAM, integrated Intel design, a hard drive up to 750GB. And connectivity ports: two USB 2. 0, a USB 3. 0, HDMI, and additionally VGA. Acer is also developing software system to back up touch-based interactions with software programs: a five-finger grab activate the Acer Ring, in which enables users to roll-out applications by quickly flicking through App cards, likewise in the form of virtual keyboard (enabling iPad-like typing), a fabulous Gesture Editor, a Windows Manager, and a Apparatus Control Console. Users could perhaps activate the virtual pc style keyboard by placing both palms within the lower display, to start a full-size QWERTY page layout with international keyboards, numeric keypad, a fabulous touchpad, and predictive word input. Acer also offers touch-based having access to photos, music, and online video media, as well as an alternative SocialJogger (for checking Squidoo, YouTube, and Flickr on the same place), MyJournal (for recovering clippings from Web sites), along with Scrapbook for screenshots, remarks, photo collections, and more. Acer also now has the liechtenstein application store called Lively. This application store will probably serve the sales program for tablet users, smartphones and laptops maded by Acer. Acer Iconia would be officially released in 2011. []
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Acer Iconia, a combined screen laptop.
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