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 What you can do If You Can't Start Your personal computer.

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What you can do If You Can't Start Your personal computer. Empty
PostSubject: What you can do If You Can't Start Your personal computer.   What you can do If You Can't Start Your personal computer. EmptyTue Oct 25, 2011 1:50 pm

If you discover at some point that your computer isn't going to start correctly, then there a number of steps to find out the root cause.

Firstly make not about what actually happens any time you push the power button just like you could save yourself creating a computer repair. Do you actually hear the fans whirring interior before it shuts apart, does it not occur at all, are at this time there any beeps etc?

If nothing happens in the slightest, no power, no lights/fans etcetera, start with the basic principles, check its plugged in fully (you regularly have knocked the socket) to your wall AND the back with the PC, just give it a push to check it's completely in.

If nothing happens still probably you will have either a taken fuse, which you can test by replacing it or working with another kettle lead, or your if at all a desktop computer the capability supply has probably stopped working, although usually this really preceded by a loud bang as being the capacitors fail, it's never the case.

DO NOT FLICK THE 120/240V rocker switch though to the back of your power supply, otherwise if it's definitely not faulty, it will explode with a very high in volume bang.

For Laptop maintenance, if your laptop will not be plugged in, it's far better simply plug it into your power socket to eliminate the battery first, either the battery is going over time or the energy supply may go but it would very rare for both to break too. When you plug in the power supply for your laptop on a good number of laptops an LED lights somewhere within the laptop to indicate the charging, if this does not light may well point to the power supply because the cause.

If you hear a new fan whirring or if perhaps briefly bursts into life you very well may find you have a fabulous failing or failed component or is loose, if you feel competent to utilise this out yourself, you could look throughout to reseat memory modules (if you have countless you can remove one alternately to see if it starts), make sure all of all your cards are typically place and that a CPU heat sink is solidly constantly in place. Also check that you cannot find any excess build-up of dust as this tends to short components, a quick vacuum which includes a low powered hoover can help you here.

For laptop users through doing this is not so easy and we could recommend a Laptop revive.

Finally, should your Notebook computer or Computer Beep, these beeps can usually reveal what is wrong, consult your motherboard manual where there are actually a list of beep codes that may point you in the precise direction.
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What you can do If You Can't Start Your personal computer.
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