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 Yamaha DGX Keyboard - 88 Key Portable Keyboards from Yamaha!

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PostSubject: Yamaha DGX Keyboard - 88 Key Portable Keyboards from Yamaha!   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:26 pm

The Yamaha DGX Keyboard is a portable 88 key keyboard from Yamaha. It is suitable for players looking for more than 61 keys.
The Yamaha DGX Keyboard is suitable for players who are keen to learn the piano, but also enjoy features like the musical styles that are available on musical keyboards. The reason they do not go in for a plain digital piano is because they like the auto accompaniment feature which lets them play along with the various built-in rhythms.
But Yamaha already has the YPG series, so how different is the DGX series from the YPG? Actually there is no difference and they more or less refer to the same set of keyboards. The only difference is that they target different markets. For instance YPG is commonly sold in the American market whereas DGX is mostly sold in the European and other regions.
The DGX keyboards are not going to replace YPG keyboards or vice-versa, atleast there is no communication from Yamaha as of now on this. They exist purely to distinguish between the various regions as well as the mass market retailers such as Best Buy, Circuit City, COSTCO. Each of these stores either of these two series of keyboards.
As far as the features are concerned, you can expect to find all the yamaha specific features like the USB to HOST / USB to DEVICE interfaces, keyboard lessons using the yamaha education suite, ability to download sheets using the digital music notebook, connecting to the internet using the internet direct connection, and performance assistant technology to enhance your keyboard playing.
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Yamaha DGX Keyboard - 88 Key Portable Keyboards from Yamaha!
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