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 Samsung Le40b530 Review Samsung抯 No-nonsense Tv

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Samsung Le40b530 Review Samsung抯 No-nonsense Tv Empty
PostSubject: Samsung Le40b530 Review Samsung抯 No-nonsense Tv   Samsung Le40b530 Review Samsung抯 No-nonsense Tv EmptyMon Nov 14, 2011 3:35 pm

Considering that the television market these days is flooded with numerous manufacturers, the Samsung LE40B530 can be considered as a 揹ecent?television set in its class. It doesn抰 come with lots of bells and whistles but by no means can it be said that its way below its competitors. Yes there are a good number of LCD TVs that can be considered fancier, yet it may be overly simple, lacking special motion processing features, internet connectivity, no ports on the side, and missing multi-media playback capability.

The Samsung LE40B530 LCD TV抯 front offers a clean and simple cut, although missing side ports which could have made easier access especially if you decide to mount the TV. At its base is a stand connected to a circular pedestal. The base and stand swivels to forty five degrees to either direction. This is good as basically you may need to swivel the Samsung LE40B530 to get to the ports on the back

To many LCD experts, the contest in quality delves deeply in the TV sets ability to produce blacks and whites. With the Samsung LE40B530 40 inch LCD TV, the blacks are satisfactory but could be blacker. But still, there抯 not much banding in shadows to highlights transitions so it is still respectable. Its brightness though will bring up the mark for this set. And being a 1080p LCD TV, you will soon discover that when you view different resolutions, you will lose some parts of the bottom and top of the screen, at around two to the percent of the screen. But it抯 not that bad though.

When it comes to the Samsung LE40B530, the colour accuracy is highly acceptable but doesn抰 have a great consistency in colour temperature. It provides smooth RGB curves though. With the smoothness of motion, the Samsung LE40B530 can be greatly relied upon, it offers a satisfactory performance, but there is at times some stuttering and blurring. There is also very minimal motion artifacting, there is also some anticipatory trailing where some pixels retain the colour of an object in the image that passed through, but that抯 it, there are not many issues and these are not to worry about.

Like most LCDs though, the Samsung LE40B530 does not offer a good viewing angle. In just twenty three degrees, you would already lose about half of the contrast. If you want a better viewing angle, you would be better off buying a Plasma TV.

Being an entry level TV the Samsung LE40B530 features only the basics in its connectivity. As previously mentioned, all the ports can only be located at the back. These ports are, three HDMI ports, one component, one composite, a VGA, and three analogue audio ins. You may also find a PC port, service port, and one for an antenna or cable. The Samsung LE40B530 misses out on a USB port, card slots, and a LAN port for internet connections.

If there is a big disappointment in this particular model, it would be its audio performance. If you抮e not a great fan of the cinema experience, then this unit抯 audio output may be satisfactory. But if you love having that extra oomph in your sounds when you watch a movie or a concert, you will find that this unit is wanting in that area. Its small speakers cannot produce top quality sound but with a good home theatre, then this will be okay.

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Samsung Le40b530 Review Samsung抯 No-nonsense Tv
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