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 Silver Usb 3-fan Laptop Cooling Pad & Usb 4-port Hub

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Silver Usb 3-fan Laptop Cooling Pad & Usb 4-port Hub Empty
PostSubject: Silver Usb 3-fan Laptop Cooling Pad & Usb 4-port Hub   Silver Usb 3-fan Laptop Cooling Pad & Usb 4-port Hub EmptyMon Nov 14, 2011 3:35 pm

Silver USB 3-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad is a laptop cooler that has a fresh and unique looking design. It is simply is made to be practical. Unlike the other competitors with metal body, it is built rather well and come with a metal body which is Anti-static PMMA/wearable metal material so that it doesn抰 seek the energy from the machine. This notebook laptop cooling pad can keep your laptop cool, reduces the chance of overheating and damage to components.

It is smooth, shaped well and its extremely heavy-duty construction is to combat any weight or pressure put-on. In terms of size, it is good even for something as small as the new range of net books. Moreover, it is convenient, reliable and comfortable to carry.

Anyone can go bananas over the specifications of the machine as it has 3 powerful super silent fans which don抰 vibrate at all. In addition to it has an inbuilt 4 USB port hub which gives the function of true plug and play for USB devices like USB mouse, keyboard, gamepad & others. And even more it doesn抰 need a power adapter coz it has a plug and play USB connection (as power source) as a self power mode. Its design gives a sturdy look & moreover has a human engineering guided design which is finger guarded unlike others.

It has a large, high-performance and extra quiet fan which absolutely helps to dissipate the heat-air away from underneath the notebook computer for cooling down the overall temperature of your system. The three fans with 4-port USB hub are powered by the USB connection, and this pad works with any laptop that has an available USB 2.0 port. It is easy to use and no power adapter is necessary as it is conveniently powered through USB port.

We would have loved to see more out of this Cooling Pad for Laptop especially USB ports and the throttle dial. At $19.30, it is pretty affordable, but it抯 perfect for those who have good looking hardware and want a laptop cooler that looks good and works as well.

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Silver Usb 3-fan Laptop Cooling Pad & Usb 4-port Hub
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